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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week

↳ day five: one underrated moment:

Rose resets the lever, risking her own life (she had no idea that Pete would save her) and her relationship with the man she loves, to ensure that the Daleks and Cybermen are successfully sent into the Void.

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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week: Day Three

↳Favourite Relationship: Rose and the Doctor

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David Tennant on Parkinson [x] (inspiration [x])

GUH. just… GUH.

If you haven’t seen this interview, watch it. This whole segment is hilarious.

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Whenever you are feeling sad about Torchwood (which should still be always but YMMV), just remember that the law of the Doctor Who universe states that there is a parallel universe out there, and in that parallel universe a very mortal Jack introduces himself as Captain Jack Harkness-Jones, head of Torchwood Three.

Then he introduces his lovely husband, Ianto. And the good human Doctor John Smith and his wife, Rose. There’s also Dr. Martha Jones (Torchwood needs a lot of doctors) and her husband, Mickey Smith (no relation). Donna Noble answers the phones—best temp they’ve ever had—and Gwen is on maternity leave, expecting her third child.

He would introduce you to Tosh and Owen, but alas, they’re gone, finally taking their honeymoon after being married for six months.

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Ten/Rose + arm stroking

for outcast

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David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor

From yet another old DWM advertisement

Happy Tennant Tuesday!

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because smug david makes life worth living

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Why did Barty Crouch Jr. quit drinking?

Because it was making him Moody.


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The ood market

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Calling Doctor Who Cosplayers!

(This post was originally made on a DW cosplay blog I made but sort of forgot about and now a lot of time has passed… whoops. That’s why this may seem really last minute!)

I wanted to send out some feelers to find who might be interested in joining me and a few other people in a Doctor Who (2005-2009) cosplay group this year at PAX Prime 2014 in Seattle, WA. 

I’ve got friends flying in to participate, even, and we would love for you to join us! There are more than enough characters still available, so if you’re interested, please skip the Ask Box and just shoot me an email at applegrass@hapisan.com


  • The Doctor (Ten)
  • Captain Jack Harkness
  • Jackie Tyler

CHARACTERS AVAILABLE! (Any of these and more!)

  • The Doctor (Nine)
  • Rose Tyler
  • Mickey Smith
  • Sarah Jane Smith
  • Martha Jones
  • Donna Noble
  • The Master
  • Lucy Saxon
  • Harriet Jones: Prime Minister
  • Astrid Peth (Voyage of the Damned)
  • Foon Van Hoff (VotD)
  • Morvin Van Hoff (VotD)
  • Alonso Frame (VotD)
  • Jenny (The Doctor’s Daughter)
  • Lady Christina de Souza (Planet of the Dead)
  • Wilfred Mott
  • Chantho (Utopia)
  • Yvonne Hartman (Army of Ghosts/Doomsday)
  • Toby Zed (The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit)
  • The Ood

And of course, any Who monsters are welcome!

  • Judoon
  • Sontaran
  • Heavenly Host (Not a monster, but y’know)
  • Cybermen
  • Daleks
  • Etc.

Just shoot me an email at applegrass@hapisan.com to let me know who you’d like to have!


David looking adorably dumbfounded in What We did on our Holiday


6 gifs per rtd episode: the parting of the ways (1.13)

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